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owamp (RFC4656 - One-Way Active Measurement Protocol)

OWAMP is a command line client application and a policy daemon used
to determine one way latencies between hosts.
It is an implementation of the OWAMP protocol as defined by
(When referring to the protocol within this document, "OWAMP" will be
in italicized. In all other instances, "OWAMP" will be referring to
this implementation.) 




You will need to create an owampd.conf file in /etc/owamp/ before you can run
owampd. See the owampd.conf(5) manual page and /etc/owamp/owampd.conf.sample
file for details. You may also want to create owampd.limits(5) and
owampd.pfs(5) files.

The "OWAMP Cookbook", an overview of the OWAMP tool and an owampd server
installation guide, is available under the LINKS section of the OWAMP web

REQUIRES: i2util