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 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.txz2023-03-09 15:37 1.1M
 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.lst2023-03-09 15:47 3.4K
 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.txt2023-03-09 15:47 331
 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.txz.asc2023-03-09 15:47 508
 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.txz.md52023-03-09 15:47 65
 libewf-20150126-x86_64-8cf.meta2023-12-27 10:05 630
 README2024-04-27 13:55 470

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Libewf is a library for support of the Expert Witness Compression 
Format (EWF), it support both the SMART format (EWF-S01) and the 
EnCase format (EWF-E01). Libewf allows you to read and write media 
information within the EWF files.