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 ecryptfs-simple-2016.11.16.1-x86_64-2cf.lst2022-07-27 15:13 1.0K
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 ecryptfs-simple-2016.11.16.1-x86_64-2cf.txz.asc2022-07-27 15:13 508
 ecryptfs-simple-2016.11.16.1-x86_64-2cf.txz.md52022-07-27 15:13 78

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ecryptfs-simple (A very simple utility for working with eCryptfs)

ecryptfs-simple is a utility for users that want to work with eCryptfs
in the simplest way possible. It allows users to mount and unmount
eCryptfs directories if they have full permissions on the source and
target directories. ecryptfs-simple requires neither superuser
privileges nor entries in fstab. Unlike the utilities in the 
ecryptfs-utils package, there are no hard-coded paths.


REQUIRES: ecryptfs-utils