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python-gvm (GVM Python Library)

The Greenbone Vulnerability Management Python API library (python-gvm)
is a collection of APIs that help with remote controlling a Greenbone
Security Manager (GSM) appliance and its underlying Greenbone
Vulnerability Manager (GVM). The library essentially abstracts
accessing the communication protocols Greenbone Management Protocol
(GMP) and Open Scanner Protocol (OSP).




This is the UI the Greenbone Vulnerability Manager

###### Installation Instructions ######

You must install all gvm packages (gsa, gvm-libs, gvm-tools, gvmd,
openvas-scanner, ospd and python-gvm) and related dependencies
(redis, libmicrohttpd, node, paramiko, lxml, defusedxml).

Then you can follow the instructions in the gsa package.

REQUIRES: paramiko lxml defusedxml gvm-libs